For us, a meeting is more than a single point in time

it is a part of a relationship with your faculty, your audiences, your compliance colleagues and your educational or product brand

Meetings are at the core of our essence at Jango. Over many years, we have honed the art of creating meetings that stay in the minds of everyone involved – for all the right reasons!

For us, a meeting begins well before the houselights dim and the curtain goes up. Preparation is key and that includes preparing and priming your audience as well as your faculty. It also involves your internal stakeholders and that’s why Jango is often the ‘red thread’ that brings everyone together and keeps them on track before, during and after an event.

Whether you are holding your first or fiftieth meeting, Jango will not only oil the machinery that makes a meeting work, we will also sprinkle the fairy dust that makes a meeting memorable.

You really maximised the opportunity with this meeting not only to deliver high quality educational content at the event itself, but to capture so many consents and host the content on the Hub afterwards to extend its reach. Great job!

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