We help our clients establish and build durable relationships with medical professionals and patient champions

As speakers, advisors, steering committee members or meeting attendees

Every interaction requires a reaction! Our purpose is to support our clients to have interactions that are mutually beneficial and lead to a predefined positive action.

The feedback from speakers, delegates or stakeholders for initiatives run by Jango is consistently excellent. That may be due to the fact that we take inspiration from the world at large to give audiences an experience rather than just an event.

Inspiration from theatre
Create roleplays, persona development and presentation pizazz.
Inspiration from game shows
Make best use of audience polling and interactivity.
Inspiration from consumer brands
Create a customer journey with multiple touchpoints.

We use technology when it will serve the objectives and we use ‘low tech’ such as Velcro boards and sticky notes when that’s the best way to get the job done. 

Even if your goal is to hold a single meeting, Jango will ensure that your audiences and stakeholders are fully engaged and activated before, during and after. There are never wallflowers at a Jango-organised event!

It’s a really super example of teamwork and multichannel in action. I couldn’t help noticing the huge rate of consent gathering vs attendance – simply put, when you offer value customers want more. Intrigued to see how you develop the campaign further based on everything you’ve done so far. Well done guys!

Give your audiences a boost – the Jango way!

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